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Outdoor Information Tower
Outdoor Information Tower
Outdoor Information Tower
Outdoor Information Tower
Outdoor Information Tower

Information and media device, suitable for displaying virtual hostess, tour guide and advertisements.







The modularly extendable device is great solution of busy public places, airports, stadiums, stations and malls.

Outdoor Information Tower


  • High quality Hungarian design
  • High stability, easy to install, incorrodible housing
  • Long term, 24/7 continuous operation even under extreme weather conditions
  • High brightness industrial display
  • 10 mm, vandal-proof tempered safety glass
  • Interactive touchscreen

Equipment options

  • Sound system - to enhance promotions and the audiovisual experience provided by virtual hostesses and commercials.
  • Directional Sound System - can deliver a narrow beam of high-frequency sound, causing hallucination-like experience.
  • NFC cardreader - a short range wireless technology enables secure contact between the card and the device, such as: wireless transactions, identification etc.
  • Etiquette printer - devices with inbuilt ticket printer help customers to print coupons, queuing numbers on the spot.

Operational details

  • Consumption: 2100 W
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C - 60 °C
  • Weight (ca.): 300 kg
  • Dimensions: height: 230 cm; width: 90 cm; depth: 31 cm

The Outdoor Information Tower is recommended for the following places:

Public transportation

Sport facilities

Public places

Universities, schools


Urban solutions