urban solutions


    Fast and effective communication is a crucial issue for city governments these days. The population and tourists often can’t get adequate information about important matters.

    In order to get public information, they need to use navigation apps, event sites, news portals, because there’s not much useful information on the official channels.


    Most cities use or rent out advertising surfaces that have been outdated for years. Billboards, TV commercials, radio adverts, rarely reach the targeted group. In the lack of up-to-date advertising platforms these solutions are a waste of money. Modern online marketing companies don’t use fliers anymore, instead they display customized video adverts. Most city governments still use outdated marketing methods.


    The City administration uses expensive and ineffective researches to collect information. They don’t know the audience that visit tourist attractions,who use public transportation, or how many people pay attention to the the ads.

    These are very useful information for city administration, allows a much more precise organization and more effective city management. Digital solutions for such purposes are mostly used by large Western cities.


    This is possible by using the devices and solutions designed and developed by Senso Media.

    The Smart City system developed by Senso Media is based on Digital Signage technology. We build a GLOBAL system which is available throughout the city, can be reached directly or through smartphones. Provides active information for the population and tourists, yielding income for the city government.

    Information system - that helps you find what you are looking for

    We install Information stands at the most frequented places which run software specifically developed for urban environments.

    • Accurate navigation

      Integrated Google Maps system makes it possible to plan the shortest route, mark highlighted tourist attractions, inform users about possible disturbances in traffic, ensuring smooth traveling throughout the city.

    • Up-to-date information

      The system give detailed information on the most important public, cultural, economical and sports news, shows ongoing events in an event calendar and helps to spend time eventfully.

    • Ticket purchasing, reservati

      The frame of our Information desks is modularly expandable, which means it can be equipped with NFC card reader, audio system or coupon printer if needed. This gives an opportunity to initiate the shopping process: users can buy tickets events, to the theatre, they can reserve their accommodation or print the needed papers.

    • Videos that catch attention

      While in interactive mode the software is capable of displaying informational videos or advertisements.

    • Data collection

      The industrial camera integrated in the device can recognize faces, sex, age and mood, therefore it can provide up-to-date, reliable and anonymous statistics on viewers of displayed content. The software also collects information on the searches conducted through its interface, collecting valuable usage statistics.

    • Information can be updated in real time

      Online feeds and the administrational interface provided for the management make it possible to update all information in the system real time, therefore residents and tourists can always access the latest, most accurate information.

    • Interactive games

      Periodic or event-related games that can be played by multiple people or a single person and can run on multiple devices at a time.

    • Virtual hostess and guide

      Users can interact with a virtually displayed hostess or tour guide and acquire information in a user-friendly way – and also the virtual figures are great in promotion and therefore in generating revenue.

    Media network with truly effective, selective advertisements and promotions

    Besides the information system we install a network of Outdoors Double Digital Towers at the most frequented places in the city. These provide great advertising space which can be rented to various marketing firms and agencies.

    • Selective content to raise attention

      The industrial camera integrated in the device can recognize face, sex, age and mood of residents and tourists, and based on this information it can display advertisements targeted at their specific persona, selecting the potentially most effective advertisement in real time.
      Advertisements appear on an impressive 65\'\' display which is guaranteed to catch the attention of the audience.

    • Cost-effective and environment friendly

      Our devices display digital content, which means you can save the costs of printing advertisements – there are no additional costs after the visuals are created either you use one or a hundred devices.

    • Valuable statistics

      The system creates accurate and detailed statistic reports by observing viewers of the informational content. The device can recognize sex with 95%, age with 87% and mood with 95% accuracy.

    • Always up-to-date

      Videos can be updated and scheduled through active internet connection on the administration interface..

    • Movement analysis

      Based on information broadcasted by mobile devices the system can analyze movements of the residents and tourists inside the store anonymously. This information gives you the opportunity to know the behavioral patterns of residents and tourists. You will know what places are the most frequented and in what time periods, which routes inside the city they prefer to take, which attractions are the most popular and who visits them and so on.

    Mobile application to reach you anywhere

    We offer a mobile application framework developed for Android and iOS platforms which can be customized for the profile of the city anytime.

    • Navigation made easy

      The application includes a simplified version of the navigation system of Information desks with which users can find the shortest route to attractions, public institutions or event in no time.
      The two systems share their database, therefore users can be reached with the latest and most relevant information anytime and anywhere.

    • Informative database

      The application can store information on highlighted tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and other institutions, so they can easily find opening hours and descriptions, and also comment on them is they will.

    • Tourist support

      Foreigners without data roaming can access multi-language navigation through the system.

    • Push notificatiion

      The system can send out location-based push notifications which can provide relevant and important information in real time.

    • Surveys and polls

      The local government can conduct interactive surveys and polls, asking for the opinion of users with no costs.

    • Starting the shopping process

      Like in the case of installed infrastructure it possible to sell tickets to theaters, events, matches and so on via the application.

    The city where even the bench is smart

    A brand new development by Senso Media is the Smart Bench, which is a multifunctional and ergonomic piece of street furniture.

    • Charge your phone or your vehicle

      The bench is equipped with solar panels and electrical outlets, therefore it can be used to charge mobile phones or low-powered electric vehicles.

    • Free internet

      The bench is capable of creating a free WiFi network, therefore users can access information and content through it.

    • Interactive information platform

      The outdoor kiosk integrated in the bench helps users in searching for information, public notifications can be relay by the devices or we can direct the attention of viewers to attractions and events, display selective advertisements.


    Nowadays,  bus is the most common form of urban transportation by the population and tourists as well. That’s the reason why bus stops have become the number one target for advertising campaigns and promotions.

    In a world where paper banners are still used ineffectively for advertisement, Senso Media aims to create new ways towards an innovative advertising and information flow. Our interactive solutions are: touch screens, face, mood, age, and brand recognition as well as the intelligent LED lighting system.