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    Lost information

    From big cities to smaller villages, each settlement’s interest is to provide the most accurate information to its residents and visitors. The traditional outdoor systems such as bulletin boards can no longer perform these tasks effectively-the information has to be accessible and searchable at anytime and anywhere.

    Ineffective ads

    The old advertising systems such as  posters have become utterly outdated.These systems are totally inflexible, not capable to provide the most relevant information, difficult to update and furthermore, in most cases they do not reach their target audience with their messages.

    The conventional systems are also environmentally damaging - production and updating are a serious burden on the environment and they have huge costs to the city and to the advertisers as well.

    Lack of statistics

    Extremely valuable information is not utilized every day by the local governments. Information which reveals how many people visit each place, which ones are the popular tourist routes and the demographic composition of the audience visiting particular places or events.

    With the lack of this any organizational task is getting more difficult. Knowing the effects of the statistics on people, the events can be planned more efficiently, the key locations can be converted to meet the needs of the customers, information and advertisements can be displayed to reach those who are really interested in them.


    This is possible by using the devices and solutions designed and developed by Senso Media.

    We create complex systems which provide the most accurate and relevant information to local residents and tourists in every part of the city. Our systems also provide extremely valuable information and serve as interactive entertainment.

    Information system - in which everyone will find what they are looking for

    We create complex systems which provide the most accurate and relevant information to local residents and tourists in every part of the city. Our systems also provide extremely valuable information and serve as interactive entertainment.

    • Accurate navigation

      The integrated Google Maps system allows to plan the shortest route, marks places of interest, informs you about the possible traffic problems, thus ensuring trouble-free transport.


      The system offers detailed information about the main public-, cultural, economic and sports news and public releases,shows the upcoming events on the events calendar.

    • Admission and tickets, accommodation reservation

      The Information Desk is modularly expandable, so an NFC card reader, an audio system and a coupon printer can be fitted on request. It gives you the opportunity to initiate the purchase process for theater tickets, event tickets, accommodation bookings and to print all the necessary papers.

    • Playing interesting videos

      The software in interactive mode is suitable for playing information materials or video ads as well.

    • statistical database building

      The industrial camera built into the device and the face, gender, age and mood recognition software are always prompt and up to date,giving reliable and anonymous statistics from the viewers and the users of the system.The software also checks the monitoring searches and collects useful statistics from it.

    • Up-to-date data service

      Our system with internet access gives up to date information by online feeds and by the updates provided for the partner with online administration surface.

    • Interactive games

      You can run periodical, event related community and individual games in more than one computer at the same time.

    • Virtual hostess and guide

      The users have the opportunity to interact with a virtual hostess or a tour guide, meaning that the tourists and the residents can be informed more effectively and it is possible to generate revenue through the advertisements as well.

    Media Network – truly effective, selective advertising

    Besides the informational system we install a network of digital media devices at highly frequented location throughout the city.

    Surfaces of the network provide a significant amount of advertising space, which can be rented out to agencies and marketing companies, thus generating revenue for the city.

    • Selective and content awareness

      The industrial camera built into the device and the face, gender, age and mood recognition system is capable of selective advertising broadcast such as choosing the most effective content at the moment based on the detected data. For example: museums, monuments, restaurants, hotels and sports facilities, current events ads.

    • Cost effective and environment friendly

      The video material running on the devices is digital,so the printing and the posters placement’s costs can be saved-besides the graphical production the updating does not cost you any extra money.

    • Valuable statistics

      The system creates an accurate, detailed anonymous statistics from the viewers of the advertisement and information materials.The device determines the gender 93%, age 95%, mood with 87% accuracy.

    • Making surveys and polls

      The council can post questions and carry out bilateral interactive polls. By doing so, Like they can ask for people’s opinion in a comfortable, simple and cost -effective way.

    • Always up to date information

      The video content with internet access can be easily updatable at any time through the administration interface. Analysis of the public habits

    Other possibilities - Smart Runway

    Senso Media has decided to develop a new and innovative digital system, which can help people in their daily outdoor activities. We put the biggest emphasis on the world’s most accessible and most popular sport: running. Thanks to our intelligent solutions, sportsmen can leave their smartphones home.

    We put bilateral outdoor information towers next to the runways that allow

    • public

      Lap time measurements

    • public

      Weight, body fat, heart rate monitoring

    • public

      Lifestyle advice

    • public

      Virtual trainer

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      Customized advertising

    After a quick registration the residents can start their timer. The system can track the time of multiple users simultaneously. After the daily workout, the system summarizes the data about of the burnt calories, performance increase, endurance and how much training they need in order to lose weight.

    Virtual coach: the viewers could work out with virtual coaches. The coaches would give running,warm-up and stretching advice. They would perform abs,cardio,aerobic workouts etc.We would record these pre-filmed videos with professional coaches