Our references in numbers 


    Our company designs, manufactures, installs and operates vending machines. Nearly any product can be sold by them, especially fuel and tickets, since we made specialized devices for these industries. For these industry specific vending machines we also developed our own softwares for making the solution 100% ours. Of course these softwares operate well with any previously used system integrated into them. We have our own staff for all workflows, which greatly facilitates the optimization of internal processes and the performance of our 24/7 operating services within the SLA level. 




    HUF 30.5 billion



    238 sales surfaces



    574 pcs


    At present, the annual turnover of our ticket and fuel vending machines is approx. HUF 30.5 billion, of which more than 60% is generated by cash handling machines.

    The ticket and fuel vending machines we operate have 238 sales surfaces. 

    Total devices maintained by us: 574 pcs.